Hi, I’m Yoneco.

iyonecoI empower entrepreneurial-minded women to share their brilliance with the world.

Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to start a business, start a movement, or teach what you know. You just need a go-getter spirit bolstered by mega doses of clarity, focus, and strategy. Unfortunately, sometimes those latter three get lost amid all the Great Big Ideas floating around your brain.

That’s why I’m here. I don’t like seeing talented ladies like you overwhelmed and throwing everything at the walls of your business to see what sticks. Drinking problems start that way.

Instead, I’ll help get your business goals, strategies, systems, brand, and messaging all working together in harmony, allowing your business to bloom and flourish. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ME >>

What do I do?
Well, I play a mean game of Connect Four and my mother thinks I’m funny, but alas, no one pays me for those things…yet. So, I work one-on-one with the world’s solopreneurs, authors, motivational speakers, teachers, visionaries, and more, helping them to:

  • find some much needed business and brand clarity and focus;
  • create tailor-made strategies that grow their businesses, projects, or ideas;
  • identify their personal or business brand values and bring their brands to life;
  • craft messages that resonate with their ideal audience; and
  • develop and launch ebooks, products, services, and courses.

If your work could use a bit of that, I’d love to be your newest ally, collaborator, conspirator.